Many thanks for supporting The Folk Project in its campaign to save live music venues and itinerant musicians from the onerous mountain of paperwork and expenses that would be required under the current wording of NJ Senate Bill S863. Our drive is to gather venues, performers and fans into a loud chorus of voices asking that the bill be amended to exclude defining traveling performers as employees and to preserve their current status as independent contractors. In California, a very similar bill (AB 5) has been similarly amended through the efforts of the many thousands of people who signed on to a campaign demanding a change.

Your signature and information will be added to the letter to State Senate President Stephen Sweeney, who is the primary sponsor of the bill. Please share this page with others you know who attend live music events!

I, the undersigned, support the adoption of the Amendment to S863 sent to Senator Stephen Sweeney by the Folk Project on September 9, 2020 to revise the current Bill S863 so as to exclude touring and other itinerant musicians and entertainers from being classified as employees of the venue that books them, preserving their rightful status under current law as independent contractors.

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