Wild Ponies

Wild Ponies are a fantastic blend of charismatic charm, deft playing, catchy tunes, and beautiful harmonies, and each performance has the feel of a side-porch jam, complete with a little gossip, some sweet tea, and some neighborly top-notch musicians. Doug and Telisha Williams were born, raised and inspired by the Southwest Virginia mountains where old-time American music continues to thrive. They’re known for their moving songs, hot licks and inspiration and joy all wrapped up in one. While they continually bounce between folk, rock & roll and country, back-home old-time style is at the heart of everything they do.

Growing up, a young Doug Williams spent many an hour watching and learning as his grandfather played banjo alongside local musical legends like Snake and Kyle Dean. Although both of his grandparents have now passed away, they would surely be proud to see Doug and Telisha gathered in the shed with some of the best and most diverse musicians that their current home in Nashville has to offer. The result is a sound that is a broad, bold approach to Appalachian music, created by a multi-cultural influences that span several generations of home grown American music.

Wild Ponies are more than connected to their deep Appalachian roots. They reach towards something new, something different and something connected to our current world and the lives we live. Join the Stayaway for this special performance.


Feb 23 2021


7:00 pm - 6:00 pm