Victoria Vox

Victoria Vox’s musical style is romantic, catchy, tinged with jazz, and filled with soul. Her stage persona is personable, goofy and engaging. And as soon as she opens her mouth to sing, the emotion and inspiration pour out.  Her melodic and cleverly-written songs are undeniably genuine and full of heart.

Vox’s rhythmic ukulele style gives her a back-beat “drum effect,” and her perfect and popular “Mouth Trumpet” captures the style, influence and improvisational excitement of her trumpet hero, Chet Baker.  This unlikely combination of talents landed her on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2009 and on the cover of the Wall Street Journal in 2015. Vox’s music has been featured on NPR and used in independent films. In addition to winning awards for her songwriting in both French and English, she also has written and donated songs to the American Asperger’s Association, the Duchenne Foundation, and ocean conservancy groups.

Victoria Vox generates loads of fun with every performance, seamlessly entwined with the heartfelt compassion and honesty she brings to every song.


May 19 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm