Teach Your Guitar to Sing

Teach Your Guitar to Sing (TYGS) is a workshop that Bob McNally created to help guitar players add more emotion, life and dimension to their playing.

Are you banging out the chords to your favorite songs, and they just don’t come to life? Same old same old? There are dozens of little things that you can do make everyday Guitar-playing dynamic and interesting, even if you are just strumming a G chord.

The techniques in TYGS are easy and quick-to-pick-up. We put a few at a time into songs so you can “have them at your fingertips”. Say goodbye to boring guitar parts! If you can strum and change chords, you are ready for this.

What we do in TYGS is not just show techniques, we dive into using them in songs and discovering when and where to use them for emotional impact. They become like paint colors on an artist’s palette ready to be used.

The workshop is great for Mid-level Beginners to Intermediate players, but also useful for Experienced players because it talks about how to use the things you already know, for best effect. It’s even useful for other instrument players too, when it comes to arrangement and dynamic flow.

If what you play is Strumstick, a lot of it this will still apply. Check out Live Streaming Strumstick Lessons for more material specific to Strumstick.

Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 – 8:00PM EDT, Link to video above.

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Apr 01 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm