Photo of Robinson & Rohe

Robinson & Rohe

Robinson & Rohe combine the straightforward simplicity of American roots music with the sophisticated complexities of jazz and the nuanced rhythms and Latin American music. Liam Robinson’s wide-ranging instrumental talents, and Jean Rohe’s honeyed, far-ranging voice create a stunningly rich and creative showcase for Jean’s acclaimed songwriting skills. Despite launching separate and flourishing careers, love and talent brought these two exquisite performers together. The results are astonishing, the music overpowering, the emotions direct, the message always sincere.

Jean presents powerful and cohesive narratives in her lyrics. “No Depression,” a quarterly roots music journal, called her music “thoughtful, reflective, and courageous.” Her unflinching alternative anthem for the United States, “National Anthem: Arise! Arise!” continues to be performed and recorded by choirs and bands across the country, and was published in the “Rise Up Singing” songbook sequel. She received national recognition with her End of the World Show, a band she fronted which earned accolades from the esteemed New York Times. Liam honed his wide-ranging skills as an original cast member of the Tony Award winning play “Warhorse,” as the musical director of Anaïs Mitchell’s Off-Broadway folk opera “Hadestown,” as a composer in the Red Light New Music collective, and as a member of the Becca Stevens Band.

Together, the make magic.


Apr 21 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm