Robinson & Rohe

Robinson & Rohe is the duo of American songwriters Liam Robinson (banjo, accordion, vocals) and Jean Rohe (guitar, vocals). Over the course of 2017-18 they played over 100 duo shows in the US, UK, and Ireland in support of their debut record, Hunger, a collection of songs about love and the land. Sparingly produced by Robinson & Rohe, with performances from Christopher Tordini (bass), Hannah Read (fiddle), and Kyle Morgan (guitars, vocals), Hunger pushes at the edges of what Americana and folk music can accomplish, bypassing historical nostalgia to pose open-eyed questions about the traditions handed down to us and where we might find hope in a country freighted with an inheritance that is both beautiful and troubling.

After a touring hiatus in 2019 which Liam spent as music director/vocal arranger for Anaïs Mitchell’s smash hit Broadway musical, Hadestown, and Jean released Sisterly, an award-winning record of her own, Robinson & Rohe are at work on a new collection of music, Wait & See. This record builds on the keen-eyed writing, detailed arrangements, impeccable duo singing, and modern American themes explored in Hunger but takes a new tack with the addition of drums, electric guitars, horn section, and vocal ensemble.

Liam and Jean are each accomplished songwriters and performers in their own right. Liam is music director and vocal arranger of Anaïs Mitchell’s Tony Award-sweeping Broadway show, Hadestown. He was an original cast member of Warhorse and a long-time member of the Becca Stevens Band. Jean’s writing has garnered accolades from far and wide; most recently her record Sisterly won Best Adult Contemporary Album at the 2019 Independent Music Awards. She is perhaps best known for her video single, National Anthem: Arise! Arise!, an unflinching alternative national anthem which has now been performed and recorded by scores of choirs and artists across the US.

Robinson & Rohe live and work in Brooklyn, NY.


Jun 25 2021


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm