Mike Agranoff

Mike Agranoff takes the notion that Folk Music is passé or boring and blows that to Kingdom Come. He presents an intelligent and highly entertaining program of songs, tunes, stories and humor. Mike plays a superb fingerstyle guitar in idioms ranging from traditional fiddle tunes to the American Songbook to contemporary Americana. He is a master of the little-known English Concertina, applying it anywhere from a haunting and poignant song accompaniment to an unexpected virtuoso transcription of a Bach concerto. A performance might include a song of heart-stopping emotional impact, an acapella Irish patter song sung to the melody of a mile-a-minute fiddle tune, a riveting recitation in the style of Robert Service, and some of the most horrible parodies ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting audience. More a singer-songfinder than a singer-songwriter, Mike combs the canon of contemporary and traditional songs for little-known gems, puts his unique stamp on them, and brings them to the stage.

If you’ve been around the folk scene at all in the Northeast, you’ve probably seen him. He’s that tall guy with the red beard and the leather fisherman’s cap. And when the music starts, he’s in the middle of it all, adding to the chorus and probably knowing all the lyrics. His repertoire is vast and varied. Mike is not only a collector of songs and a master at arranging them, but is also a writer of songs and recitations. He has a keen ear for the best of the best, and this only enhances his own writing. If you’re looking for an alternative to the endless stream of singer songwriters who write for the market, Mike’s your man. He makes us laugh, cry and think, all the while entertaining us long into any evening of music.

Mike’s last Stayaway performance was a collection of his original stories. This performance will be a musical one – entirely different and guaranteed to be delightful, entertaining, and a blast of energy and talent. Join this Folk Project mainstay on his home turf. You’re in for a wonderful time.


May 28 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm