Amelia White

Amelia White’s music is compelling, her lyrics carefully crafted, and her crystal-clear voice draws you in like a weary traveler telling a seductively nuanced tale of a well-worn life. She has a great way with a lyrics and a master’s touch on melody. Her energetic stage show is tempered by the sensitivity and sorrows she can convey as a master songwriter. Last year Rolling Stone Magazine named her single Rhythm of the Rain as a Top 10 Americana Song to Hear Now. It’s national notice and well-deserved. Amelia’s songs can be downcast, tense, searing, political, scary, angry, and caring, but always insightful. Her catalogue of first rate songs is like an intimate journal, where honesty, poetry and music meet.

Amelia White has developed a grand reputation throughout the United States and Europe as a first-rate songwriter. She helped define and refine the core folk-rock sound that became known as Americana. If there were an East Nashville Music Hall of Fame, she would already be in it. She’s a fixture in that scene.

As a songwriter, I feel obliged to tell the stories that are coming through in the air to me in my world, whether it’s personal or political or both. That can be hard, White says. The antenna is always on. Man, You’ve got to feel a lot. It’s a heavy load sometimes.

Amelia White delivers songs that are meaningful, valuable, and insightful. The world is well-aware of her immense talent, but this is her Folk Project debut. Don’t miss it.


Mar 05 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm