Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Stayaway?

The word Stayaway was conceived as a pun on our Acoustic Getaway, a twice-annual event that we like to think of as the Best 3-day Music Party Ever.  Like all of our other live activities, the Getaway is cancelled until further notice.  Meanwhile, enjoy the Stayaway.


Where can I learn more about The Folk Project?

Check out our pre-Stayaway website at


Is there a mandatory charge for this?

Most online Stayaway events, including our Tuesday/Friday concerts and all of our workshops, may be viewed free of charge.  One of the main goals behind Stayaway is to help our performers financially through a period in which their income has been substantially reduced, so we encourage you to tip them generously when viewing these free events.  Tips are entirely voluntary and 100% of all tip money goes directly to the performer.  Instructions and links for tipping will be given in the chat feed and possibly also by the performer in their video feed.  Please consider all the money you are saving by not driving, not going out to eat before or after the show and not paying an admission charge to get into this concert, and give some of that back to the performer if you can.  We occasionally host Special Concerts on other weekdays for which tickets are sold in advance.  These will be clearly identified as such in their individual listings, which will contain a link for ticket orders.  Thank You.


Why does the user interface seem to be different for every Stayaway concecrt I attend?  Can’t you standardize on a consistent user experience?

We depend on individual performers to produce their own broadcasts from their homes, or wherever they are hanging out these days.  Different performers favor different platforms to use when originating their shows, so we have to deal with Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and maybe one or two others.  Each of those platforms has its own strengths and weaknesses, and its own user interface.


It is five minutes before the show is supposed to start and the link is not working.  What should I do?

Try reloading the page by clicking the page reload button on your browser (it looks like an arrow bent into three-quarters of a circle and is generally near the top right or the top left of your browser window.)  If that does not work, try reloading again, while holding down the Shift key.  If it still doesn’t work, hang in there and try reloading with and without the Shift key closer to showtime.  We ask our performers to take their feeds live five to ten minutes before showtime, but that does not always happen.  You may not see much of anything until they are actually broadcasting.  If you still get nothing a couple of minutes after the scheduled showtime, and if you have access to the message feed, check there to see if anyone has posted an update.  Leave a message there yourself to see if the host can help you.  If you do not have access to the message feed, try going to the Folk Project Facebook Page to see if there is a related message there, or post a message there asking for help.


Facebook sometimes wants me to sign up as a member in order to view the concert.  Do I have to do that?

We encourage our performers who use Facebook to set things up so that membership is not required.  Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t.  If Facebook insists that you join and you don’t want to give them your personal information, it is possible to create a free burner email account on and make up a name to go with it that you can then use for the purpose of creating a Facebook account.  I realize that is a lot of work to access one concert, but don’t have a better solution for those who want to stay as far away from Facebook as possible.


Speaking of Facebook, sometimes it shows me the message feed that is active during the concert and sometimes it does not.  What’s up with that, and how do I get to the messages if they don’t appear?

There are a couple of possibilities here.  First, if you have the video running in full screen mode, then the messages are hidden by default because Facebook thinks you want to see only the video portion covering your entire screen.  Press the Escape key to exit full screen mode and you may see the comments at that point.

Second, you need to be aware of whether you are watching a live show or a pre-recorded one.  Almost all of our shows are live, but we occasionally will resort to making available a previously recorded show when something happens that makes the performer unavailable at the normally-scheduled time.  When this happens, we try to host the video in a watch party so that the experience is more like that with a live show, but performers sometimes do not want us to do that with their material.  On live shows and watch parties, the message feed appears automatically when you start watching.  On recorded shows, there is no message feed per se, because everyone can start streaming the recording at a different time.  Facebook does support a comments section for recorded shows.  When you follow a link to a recorded show on Facebook from this website or from The Folk Project’s Facebook page, you will be taken to the performer’s Facebook page where the video should appear in a prominent spot.  You can click on it to start watching it.  You may need to scroll down the page a bit to see the comments.  You may also have clicked on the Expand button after starting the video.  In that case, there will be a sidebar on the right side with a single comment at the top of the sidebar above a list of several other videos that are available.  At the bottom of that single comment is a link to all the other comments that will say something like “24 comments” (or how ever many there are at the time.)  Click on that link and additional messages will appear in place of the other video links.  Remember that in this stream of comments, some people may be watching the video at a point before or after what you are currently seeing.


Have a question not covered here?  Email it to and we will try to include the answer in our FAQ list above.